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I am a Licensed Brain Bootcamp Trainer & Community Parter with the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience

& Human Behavior's Longevity Center. The programs described below are research based, interactive courses developed by research scientists that focus on strategies to improve

brain health, memory, attention and overall vitality.  


Workshops and Ongoing Training Sessions are customized for small groups and individuals.

Contact for prices, questions, or combination packages to decide which service is best for you! 
*Sessions available in person or online*


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Brain Bootcamp

Brain Boot Camp is a focused course that teaches brain health strategies to improve memory.

An interactive, research-based training program that provides lifestyle tools to optimize brain vitality and health.

3 - 4 Hours depending on number of people.
One or Multiple Sessions possible.

Taught in small groups or tailored for 1 on 1 instruction.

Body Balance



Body Balance is individual training with a wholistic assessment of a person's needs to create a "Body in Balance". 


It is a full body workout with focus on balance, cardio, bone density, strength, flexibility, gate. Specialized for for those with injuries or chronic issues.


One on one or small groups.



1 - 10 PEOPLE


Brain Training

Ongoing memory exercises, drills, skills and lifestyle strategies.


Utitilze methods and information from Brain Bootcamp individually catered to your specific needs.


De-stressing methods and analysis of lifestyle factors specific to you are assessed and addressed.




1 - 10 PEOPLE


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Mindfulness and Guided Meditation. Identify stressors. Create de-stressing goals. Use visualization and imagery to create change.


Use breathwork to effect mental, emotional and physical well-being. Movement mediation optional.


*Relationships, Work, Caregivers